Ear Gauges

Do you want to express your feelings in an artistic way? Do you want to create a new fashion statement to become unique among your group? Well, a new fashion trend that is becoming popular among different age groups is the so called ear gauges. It is a process of stretching your ear holes so as to fit large earrings or gauges. This is exceptional and very fashionable.

But, ear gauging is not totally a new trend in fashion. Many countries are already practicing it as part of their culture and tradition. This is also a form of body modification techniques which include body piercing and tattooing. If you have the courage and patience to feel the pain of ear gauging, then this fashion is suited for you.

Ear gauges range from a wide variety of sizes, styles, and designs. These are available in different jewelry stores and they can be found at affordable prices as well as fancy. Along with the gauges, you will also need tapers for those who already have pierced hole. This is needed to stretch the ear holes and achieved the desired diameter.

But for those who still do not have ear holes, you need first to let your ears be pieced with a piercing professional. This would take a long time because; you’ll need to wait for the wound to heal. Even with those who already have ear hole, you will still need to wait for the holes to increase in size. This is a process so you don’t need to rush up.

Ear gauging requires the help of a piercing professional to prevent complications. The area should always be cleaned with antiseptic solution to avoid infection. It will take approximately two week before you can wear ear gauges and display your unique fashion style.

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