Japanese Sleeves Tattoo

Japanese Sleeve Tattoos come in different forms and designs depending on ones personality and what he wants to be represented by. Because of the popularity of tattoos, people who want to get one now are more particular in the originality and uniqueness of their designs.

There are hundreds of possible tattoo designs to choose from. But since Japan has been in the tattoo business for a very long time, they have developed designs that people have shown more interest in, nowadays, than any other. Japanese sleeve tattoos is what they are called.

Examples these sleeve tattoos are koi fish tattoos, dragons, samurai and hannya masks. Koi fish designs are very popular because of it represent power and strength and they form an illusion of a swimming fish when tattooed on the arm.

Dragon designs are also very popular, next to koi fish designs, because of the masculinity it creates for men who have them. They are either red or black. This design is also a symbol of power and strength as this mythical creature can breathe out fire and is just ready to kill and take an enemy down when needed.

The samurai is a symbol of heroism and great courage. This is one of the reasons why it has become so popular among all sleeve tattoos.

Hannya masks were used before in some plays in Tokyo. But because of its beauty, it has become a piece of art itself. This is believed to have the power to ward of evil. With its beauty and reputation, hannya masks have become another popular tattoo designs, not only in Japan but all over the world.

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