Koi Tattoo (Full Back)

Awesome full back Koi Tattoos.

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Onko Chishin – Japanese Tattoo Documentary

In this documentary we follow Dutch tattoo artist Rob Admiraal on his trip to Japan where he goes to have a huge dragon tattoo on his back finished, do some tattooing himself and visit other leading Japanese tattooists.

Onko Chishin (Complete with ENG subs) from rodgezooi on Vimeo.

Admiraal gives us a guided tour of Japanese tattooing and explains how traditional art and modern, Western influences each play their part in what tattoo in Japan has become today. He also talks about his personal tastes and preferences and does not hesitate to go deeper into more theoretical aspects of the art, such as the balance between representation and abstraction, typical for Oriental art.

An intriguing scene in the documentary is that in which Admiraal gets the very last part of his huge tattoo done: the eyes of the dragon, which will “bring it to life”. It is nice to see how this Dutch fellow at the same time acknowledges the importance of this almost magical gesture but also stays clear-headed and never seems to get carried away by all the “Orientalism” in which he is surrounded. I don’t know the guy, but I already like him…

The film was made by Rogier Postma.

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Worn Wild...

Last Saturday we returned to the Royal Melbourne Hotel for the Winter edition of Worn Wild Alternative Fashion Market. I always love this market because we can drink, get cupcakes from the cupcake girl and people watch for the day. It ticks all my market boxes....Here are a few photos from the day. I should have taken more but I forgot...

Tattooed Couples

One of the great things of being part of the Tattoo Community is being bale to find people with the same likes and dislikes. People we can relate to and people who we can share or ideas with.

Not everyone understands Body Art like those who wear them. From a simple tiny detail to the extremes everybody has a match. Those who think that tattooed people can not live a happy, successful and loving life with a special someone have to think twice from now on.

Gender and sexual preference is not an obstacle when it comes to loving someone who is into tattoos, piercing among other things, there's plenty to choose from and the posibilities of finding a perfect match are endless.

Sometimes a good girl or guy feel the need to experiment with someone who is the opposite and two things can happen A) They get into Body Art or B) They end up divorced (Jesse James and Sandra Bullock for example). It is hard to be in the same state of mind if you're not compatible with your other half, it could be a waste of time in some cases.

Not everybody has to be into Body Art and if one half of the people involved in the relationship is into most likely the other half will fall into it somehow sooner or later but don't have to be like that.

Not having any type of Body Modification but having a passion for it as well as being with someone who has any type of alteration to their body shows that the person indeed enjoys it. Each person has their level and their own reason to have or not to have their bodies Modified and of course it should never be questioned.

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Inked Plus Raw

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Last Thursday...

She started to feel the fuzzier side of Gin....

Getting Tattooed - Quick Reminder - Do's and Dont's

Everywhere you look people have tattoos – from policemen to nannies, it seems like everyone’s got at least a couple. It wasn’t too long ago that only bikers and military people had tattoos, but nowadays, the first thing teenage girls do on their eighteenth birthday is hit up the tattoo parlor.

“More people have them than don’t today,” says Mike Maney, owner of True Tattoo on Broadway in Saratoga Springs. “I’d say about 80 percent of the population has tattoos, and about 60 percent of that is made up of women.”

Some people attribute this to the attitude of a generation.

“It’s no longer taboo,” says Cirena Bills, a young True Tattoo customer who currently has 14 tats of her own. “The younger generations were more rebels. Now that we all have tattoos, tattoos are no longer really seen as ‘rebellious.’”

Indeed, people don’t just get tattoos to be “rebellious” or to fit into a certain group anymore.

“Tattoos are great for marking a moment in your life, decorating your body with great artwork or marking the passing of a loved one,” says Bills, who has a tribal heart on the left side of her chest with her deceased grandmother’s initials on it. “They can also turn out to be not-so great, though, if you don’t take time to think it through or don’t go to the right place.”

Tattoos are like marriage – you have to know what you’re getting yourself into before you take that gigantic leap. Unfortunately, a tattoo is lot more difficult to “divorce” once you’ve decided it’s not for you. (Some might argue, but still.)

So how can you ensure that you don’t end up with something hideous that you will have to bear for the rest of your life, or something you might hate yourself for in ten years? Follow these seven tips to be safe, original and professional before making the decision to mark yourself for life.

1) Don’t ink on impulse

“Acting on impulse doesn’t always work,” Bills says, who knows from experience. While in the air force, Bills and her companions would go out almost every weekend to get a new tattoo. “It’s not a good idea. Think long and hard before going to a tattoo parlor. Remember that it’s a permanent thing, so it’s a big choice. You don’t want to wind up hating it eventually.”

2) Incorporate yourself into it

Don’t just choose something that you saw online or on someone else. Make it original. For example, Bills’ tribal heart was inspired by a heart she saw online, but she tweaked it a bit to make it different and her own.

“Don’t just get a butterfly tattoo because you think butterflies are cute,” Bills says. “Incorporate yourself by making the butterfly your birthstone colors. If you’re going to get a tattoo of a bracelet, make it a charm bracelet and put the initials of your children on each charm.” The more meaning the tattoo has to you, the less likely you are to hate it someday.

3) Think about placement

If your job/career path is professional, having tattoos out in the open isn’t usually a good idea. Most professional businesses don’t hire people who have ink that can’t easily be covered.

“Even Starbucks still requires employees to have all tattoos covered, and they’re supposed to be hip,” says Saratoga resident Jon Faulkner.

Places that are easy to hide are the torso, legs, back of the neck (if you have long hair) and feet.

“I really feel like businesses are going to have to start changing their tattoo policies, though,” Bills says. “If they continue to keep those policies, I feel like they won’t have anyone to work for them because everyone has tattoos. Plus, as I said, tattoos are no longer taboo, anyway.”

4) Try to keep it respectable

“In the military they would tell you, ‘If your mom wouldn’t approve, don’t get it,’” Bills says. “You don’t want to be offensive.”

Be very careful about obscenities. Would you want a little kid passing you on the street to read what you’re thinking about having written on your knuckles? Would you want your mom or daughter to ask you about it?

5) Avoid infection before getting inked

When choosing a tattoo parlor, first and foremost take a look at the cleanliness of the establishment. Most places will have established infection control policies that they are completely willing to discuss. If the employees are reluctant to discuss the policies, leave. Non-sterile needles can carry countless diseases, including HIV.

Also, look over the tattoo after-care sheet before getting your tattoo to make sure you’ll be able to comply with all the after-tattooing rules. For example, submerging your tattoo in water is not advised for weeks afterward you first get it. Do you enjoy dips in the pool in summer? If so, you might want to wait until fall to get your tattoo.

6) Look at portfolios

Before choosing a specific artist to do your tattoo, find out how many years of experience he or she has. Ask to see the artist’s hard-copy portfolio. Look through it. Do you like what you see? Do you like their style and ability? If not, politely ask for someone else. Remember, this is something you’re going to have forever.

7) Take time to discuss your tattoo with a tattoo artist

“Most artists will take time to discuss your idea with you ahead of time to make sure you get what you want,” Maney says.

If you plan on adding on to the tattoo over time, tell the artist your plan and take into consideration the placement. If you want the artist to draw something original for you, be very specific and work with them. Ask the artist you’re working with to do a stencil with you before actually doing the tattoo.

Everyone knows at least one person with a tattoo that they’ve grown to hate over time, whether it’s because they’ve outgrown it, it’s ugly or it makes it even more difficult to get a job in these tough economic times. Don’t become one of those people. Be responsible and put time and thought into your body art so that you’ll continue to love it for the rest of your life.

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30 Tattoed Hotties Showing Their Best Pieces

Here's some of the Tattooed Hotties prodly displaying their Ink for the world to see.

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