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Rib Cage Tattoo


Rib cage tattoos are considered to be private as the area is not always exposed for all to see, hence it opens the doors to some unique and personal tattoo designs. Some say getting a tattoo was one of the best experiences they have ever had with art, going through a little pain to create something beautiful felt like a spiritual journey for some. Using your body as a canvas for rib cage tattoos is a great idea because the artist gets a large space to work with. Tattoos have been used since time immemorial and nowadays are quiet popular with many celebrity endorsements. 'Transformers' star Megan Fox has 'Those who danced were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music' inscribed on her right rib cage.

A tattoo is forever and if you want to remove it you will have to under go expensive cosmetic surgical procedure. It is imperative that you think before you choose a tattoo design for your rib cage, generally big and expansive designs look good in this region. If you are going to get a colored tattoo then choose colors that will complement your skin tone and the tattoo design. If you have decided to get rib cage tattoos then be ready to bear a little rib cage tattoo pain as the area has many underlying bones.

Getting a tattoo on an area which has bones underneath like the ankle or rib cage is slightly more painful than fleshy areas like the biceps. In ancient times tattoos were used to express loyalty to the tribe or to mark the rank of a warrior. Tattoos are not only trendy but are also used to express your views and beliefs.

Lip Plate


Lip plate is a surface piercing mouth. Such a modification is obtained by stretching the lip piercing. Stretching the lips appeared in ancient times, is especially popular lower lip. and there are still tribes and nations that adhere to its old tradition (stretching the lips) and refer to this with all seriousness and respect, such as the Suya (Brazil), Botocudos (Brazil), Sara (Africa), Mursi (Africa) , Lobi, etc … in these nations people stretched his lips almost from infancy through old age. they do this almost all my life. and so their lips could reach enormous proportions. If you ask any of them, “why and from where it went?”, then they will not tell you the exact answer to this. it is their tradition and their ancestors have been doing this too.

Lips can pull almost indefinitely, because the lips are very different from the tissues of other body parts are capable of such an extension. diameter holes in the lips, and accordingly the size of the lips can reach 400 mm or more … in this case the sensitivity of the lips and saved all across its surface, even at large sizes. Stretching lip treat modifications of the human body. and you will not find a single animal with these dilations lips. this particular distinction between man and animal. man at his birth is physically given only his own body, which he uses to further his life and how he uses it – the case of each person, since it is a personal physical body, without which he could not physically exist. but I’m talking about stretching the lips. Extensions to your changing shape of lips, and every form of lip varies, and facial features also vary in parallel, so your face gets a “new”, I would have called body modification. First the incision in the lip and stretched. Someone is trying to reduce the time stretching their lips and enjoy this event with a scalpel. It is better to stretch from the lip piercing. All this time dilation can be compared with the moment of conception until its subsequent development, growth and learning.

Healed or fresh hole you made, you can stretch the ballroom pianist (stretching as long cone) to a diameter, with whom you feel that you can wear jewelry and to suffer the pain of stretching. But the pain – it is only temporary, because Your tissues are under tension. Over time, this tension is reduced and the pain goes away. Inside the cluttered with fabric, as in an ordinary puncture. If you are afraid of pain, then you can pull quite a bit on the shares of a millimeter, it could be the addition of 0,5 mm. But where, then, to take so many ornaments that would be inserted each time, increasing the diameter of the hole? Then you can use for this tape. This may be teflon tape / PTFE tape, or bondage tape. This is done as follows: you take out a Labret and pulls on it a layer or several layers of tape, so – as you can then paste back into your lip, but do it all on the healed hole. Next you have to wait until you feel that the tension was gone and no pain.

Your lip is completely healthy and ready for further extension. Then again, you can also pull at your discretion. but, at the sizes of more than 10 mm is recommended not to use now, or a better use of the tape. It’s much cares for lips, to the tissues inside the hole, and does not cause such pain. Teflon tape can be a long time, unlike the bondage tape, which does not stick to the skin and not dry. You need to do step by step .. In no case do not stretch your lips, when a hole has not healed. You have to completely cure it for a further step in tension. this will take time .. may be a week .. may 2 .. maybe more .. But in any case, do not pull your lips quickly. no need to hurry up with it. In order that would grow huge lips takes years.

A 16 Inch Penis

This is the kind of incident no one wish to go thru. Trusting an artist and ending up with a huge penis tattooed on. Something like this happens often, not only when it comes to going for a bootleg tattoo. For some reason unprofessional artists tend to mess with their customers in such a messed up way. It is unacceptable to see this kind of things happening and unfortunately affects those who take their job seriously while others get a kick out of it. I believe if an artist does not want to perfom their duties or simply don't wish to tattoo someone then they simply can refuse to do it instead of doing some screwed up job especially when they have a full knowledge of their profession.

***From a news source: A 21-year-old Australian man has been charged with assault after allegedly tattooing an image of a penis on his friend's back, according to the Courier Mail.
The 25-year-old victim was visiting the amateur tattoo artist at the man's home last week when he was talked into getting a tattoo, according to the paper.

The man wanted a yin and yang symbol tattooed on his back, but allegedly got a 16-inch tattoo of a penis with an obscene gesture instead.
Australian authorities said the incident followed an argument between the two.

The victim also says he was punched and thrown out of the man's house.
The 21-year-old tattoo artist has been charged with two counts of assault occasioning bodily harm and is due to appear in court next month.

New Sexy Body Dragon Tattoos Design 2010

This tattoo is a tattoo that is very in love by many people, especially for lovers of the tattoo if you want to find a quality tattoo at this blog you will find .. back to the beginning, that this dragon tattoo is a tattoo that has an extremely high power of art you'll like and agree with me that this tattoo is unique and nice please select one of the following picture is ok ...

4,500 + at Portland Tattoo Expo


Until recently, it was nearly impossible to hold national tattoo gatherings in Oregon -- a paradox for Portland, given its robust and growing tattoo industry. But about six months ago, the legal landscape changed. And one figure emerged as the leader in efforts to amend the state's rigid license rules for tattoo conventions.

Fittingly, his full-time job now includes planning an annual tattoo expo, which was held Friday through Sunday in Portland. "Every tattoo artist in the world wants to do work in Portland," said Brandon Ingram, 42, publisher of Northwest Tattoo Magazine. "We wanted to make that possible, so we were very persistent with Salem.

The result was huge." The Portland Tattoo Expo, held over the weekend at the Oregon Convention Center, is a testament to Ingram's tenacity. More than 4,500 people turned out over the three-day event, which was organized by Ingram and his business partner, Kevin Rasmussen, both of Eugene. The event, in its second year, featured exhibits, seminars and contests. "Winter is a hard time for tattoo artists, so coming to expos keeps me inspired," said Jeremy Justice, 33, an artist from Seattle-based Apocalypse Tattoo. "I've done the same tattoo on four different continents. I'm traveling a lot.

And Portland has a lot of talented tattoo artists. A lot of big names here. You don't find that everywhere." Ingram agreed that Portland has a certain panache in the tattoo world. He estimated that the region has roughly 100 shops, twice the number that existed five years ago. Local artists at the Expo confirmed the expanding market. "The past couple of years there's been a whole lot of new people tattooing in Portland," said Craig Brown, 31, an exhibiting artist from Portland.

"It's a double-edged sword because you get a bigger audience along with oversaturation." Several artists explained the growing number of tattoo shops in Portland by pointing to the popularity of tattoo schools. The schools, held in tattoo shops and state-regulated, serve as a fast-track to becoming a state-certified tattoo artist. Since 1993, tattoo artists in Oregon have been required to have state-issued licenses. A departure, many artists say, from the days when the craft was mastered through long and rigorous shop apprenticeships.

But whatever the reason, tattoo shops are cropping up all over. And it's not just local artists who understand the booming demand. But state law had to change for outsiders to tap the Portland market. Before April, a tattoo artist had to obtain an Oregon license with the Oregon Health Licensing Agency to do work -- even short-term -- in the state. After two years of lobbying the state agency, Ingram helped change the rules: Out-of-state tattoo artists can now obtain a 15-day permit to do work at "settings such as fairs, carnivals or bazaars," according to the new regulations. Thus, the turnout for this year's expo.

"People come from around the world now. And they come for different reasons," Ingram said. "Sometimes to make money, as a social thing, to network, to get guest spots, to trade tattoos and ideas. We'll keep this going for as long as we can."

Tattoo Machines Then and Now

With all of the people every year heading to a tattoo parlor, getting inked it is no wonder why there is a market of different types of tattoo machines that are able to be used in getting a person the look that they desire. Many of these tattoo machines are advanced and are able to give a better overall result to the person looking for a tattoo. The invention of the tattoo machine or gun as it is known these days, has allowed a person better control and more precision than previous models. There is a lot more detail that can be placed into a tattoo when a person makes the decision to get inked and not go with another symbol of pride in their life. These guns or machines, whichever you chose to call them, have made the process a lot quicker, and often times a lot less painful. Imagine had the machine not been invented, there would be a tattoo carved by hand into your skin, sounds fun right? Thanks to this invention, things are quicker and a lot less painful. As more and more places to get inked pop up, this leads to there being a need to see many of the different machines that were used needing to be replaced with new machines. This is a cost that many places have to pass along to the customers as a result of this. This cost many of the customers are willing to pay simply for the fact that they are able to ensure that they will get a quality product from a person that knows what they are doing. While these advances are giving the power back to the artist, there are some parlors that are passing the increase that they had to pay in an effort to get new machines on to their customers. Unlike many other services, there is little argument when it comes to this as a way to get a quality tattoo. This has also led to the designs having more life to them and a person even being able to go 3D with their ink. All of these advances are made within the last several years and has given rise to more possible advances in the coming years. Regardless of if it is the first or tenth tattoo, the tattoo machines of today are a lot more friendly and simple than their previous ancestors. Keep these facts in mind when you head to have your ink done on your body. Just relax and enjoy the experience, it is better than what your parents probably went through.

Tribal Chest Tattoos

There are so many different types of tribal chest tattoos that it's impossible to say anything bad about the design in general They have lot of black ink that holds up the tattoo very well and does not fade like other colors. The designs of tribal tattoos are popular and it is easy to design one They have been the hottest thing in the tattoo world since sliced bread or the old school WWII era Hula dancer You see these influences have been all around us for a long time my grandpa even has one of those Hula Girls tattoos still. This is really an up and coming thing and it is not huge yet Many tattoos include Maori designs, Eskimo totems and Aztec sun clocks and so on Other types of these rely more on the use of heavy lines and colors to create an image. They are extremely popular if not the most popular tattoo style currently These type of tattoos have their origin the the ancient tribes of Polynesia, New Zealand(Maori tattoos), Hawaii and many other early cultures. Tribal Tattoos recounts the history of body decoration, explains the meanings and myths behind the symbols, and offers many patterns that can be combined into new motifs All the designs included can be enlarged and traced to decorate any part of the body. They were used by ancient cultures as a means by which the young become adults, but some have made it into a fashion statement A few words of advice to those people: fashions are seasonal, tattoos are not Tribal tattoos have existed for thousands of years in numerous cultures around the world. Tribes in Africa used to tattoo the bodies of their warriors with crocodile teeth and handmade ink with simple images and symbols in order to mark their place in the tribe and scare their enemies with the strength of their warriors Tribal tattoos symbolize membership in a group, family, social, or whatever At least they used to, nowadays anyone with a cool design in their mind can get one, which makes them more a decorative thing, I suppose Tribal chest tattoos are possibly one of the most sought after tattoo designs and the most popular are based on the Maori, Haida, Polynesian and Native American designs Of course the term tribal has so many different meanings and an almost limitless amount of variations and combinations These tattoos were originally used as a form of permanent tribal identification. Therefore putting on the wrong tattoo will jeopardize your chances of being one of the tribe and might just permanently mark you as an outsider They have a simple appeal: we like the way they look on us, It reinforces a positive feeling about ourselves and connects us some how to an element of mystery and ancient activity.

Jason from Capricorn Body Art

Tattoo artist Jason stands as a body of art among his inked designs at his Nunawading studio. His body is 95 per cent covered in tattoos from his feet to scalp with just his knees and one thigh a clear canvas. Tattoos have become the latest fashion accessory on Melbourne streets whether it is marking an anniversary, a sentimental proverb or football premiership. Jason said the city had become one of the most heavily tattooed places in the world. “There are more tattoo shops per capita in Melbourne than anywhere else, it’s just flooded with tattoo shops,” he said. Over the past 20 years Jason has shared in those memories at his Capricorn Body Art studio where he has become a minor celebrity. Jason even met his partner, Jane, after she wandered through his doors to get a tattoo of a dragon done nine years ago. They are now part-owners of the studio and she has since added to her tat collection. Jason said tattooing sparked his interest from a young age, having grown up in a household of oil painters. He received his first tattoo at 14 of a bulldog on his leg to acknowledge his English heritage and the Western Bulldogs Football Club. “I remember being a kid and just being fascinated by them but by the time I was 17 I was pretty much covered,” he said. Jason said he could not count how many tattoos he now had engraved on his body. “I tattoo myself if I can reach the area,” he said. “A lot of people get used to the pain and you learn to switch off from it. “When people get tattoos it’s more a postcard of that era of their life. “It’s a life-changing moment for them.” Jason said he was surprised to find the number of women and men asking for tattoos had become even with the arms and legs the most common spots to be inked. The professional engraver said he regularly came across people wanting their tattoos fixed after dealing with shady artists. Jason said more unhygienic shops and home parlours had propped up as the art form became mainstream. “There is nothing to stop someone who wants to become a tattoo artist from doing it out of their own garage,” he said. “There is no legislation to stop someone from opening a shop. People have to make sure that it’s a registered tattoo studio and should do some background history.”

Japanese dragon tattoo Meanings

The Japanese dragon is one of the most popular mythological creatures picked for inking and a classic choice for a tattoo design. It is usually depicted as a wingless, heavily-scaled snake-like creature with small clawed legs and a horned or antlered camel head, and is associated with sea, clouds or the heavens. Japanese dragons tend to be much more slender and fly less frequently than the Chinese counterparts.

The breath of the Japanese Dragon changes into clouds from which come either rain or fire. It is able to expand or contract its body, and in addition it has the power of transformation and invisibility. This is merely a general description and does not apply to all Japanese dragons, some of which have heads of so extraordinary a kind that they cannot be compared with anything in the animal kingdom.

According to most sources, the Japanese dragon is closely related to the Chinese counterparts, with the exception that the Japanese dragon has only three claws, while that of the Celestial Kingdom (China) has five.

Tattoo artists have taken the art of the Japanese dragon to amazing new levels. Whether you want a full back design or a half sleeve design, you will find an incredible gallery of amazing designs to choose from. They can be in color, or black & white. The dragon tattoo may appear with sea wave or clouds or pearls. If the dragon claw holds an enormous magical pearl, which has the power to multiply whatever it touches, the "pearl" symbolized the most precious treasure: Wisdom. Ancient Dragon lore and illustrations have inspired many of us to select a dragon tattoo because that design represents how we feel about ourselves -- strength, wisdom and freedom.


The popular locations for inking Japanese dragon tattoos.
Japanese dragon tattoos can wrap around the body and flatter the contours of the body, full body and full back dragon tattoos are quite common, and the most popular location is half sleeve, the body of the dragon wrap around the upper arm and the dragon head extend out the upper front, just above the heart. Because of the long shape of the dragon, it also suited for inking on arms and legs.


Where to Find Perfect Japanese dragon tattoo designs for Inking?
After all, getting an awesome Japanese dragon tattoo that perfectly flows with your body is what makes you feel proud. Am I right? There are many good reasons to get an awesome Japanese tattoo and there are many ways to screw it up. The most important thing to find a perfect Japanese tattoo is to take your time browsing through numerous tattoo collections before you settle the one for inking.

Lotus Flower Tattoo

Lotus flowers are amazing and have strong symbolic ties to many Asian religions especially throughout India. The lotus flower starts as a small flower down at the bottom of a pond in the mud and muck. It slowly grows up towards the waters surface continually moving towards the light. Once it come to the surface of the water the lotus flower begins to blossom and turn into a beautiful flower.
Within Hinduism and Buddhism the lotus flower has become a symbol for awakening to the spiritual reality of life. The meaning varies slightly between the two religions of course but essentially both religious traditions place importance on the lotus flower.
In modern times the meaning of a lotus flower tattoo ties into it's religious symbolism and meaning. Most tattoo enthusiast feel that the a lotus tattoo represent life in general. As the lotus flower grows up from the mud into a object of great beauty people also grow and change into something more beautiful (hopefully!). So the symbol represent the struggle of life at its most basic form.
Lotus flower tattoos are also popular for people who have gone through a hard time and are now coming out of it. Like the flower they have been at the bottom in the muddy, yucky dirty bottom of the pond but have risen above this to display an object of beauty or al ife of beauty as the case might be. Thus a lotus flower tattoo or blossom can also represent a hard time in life that has been overcome.
Lotus flower and peonies are also two flowers that are very popular among Japanese tattoo artists and they make a great compliment to Koi Fish tattoos. Ironically enough the two koi fish and lotus flowers can often be found in the same pond in front of a temple. The Koi fish is a symbol typically for strength and individualism.

Getting a Tattoo?.......... Keep some things in mind

PhotobucketSome of the things a person should remember:

1) Do make an appointment. And be patient when waiting to get your tattoo. Tattoo Artists do not rush through a sitting to get to the next person. They take their time with each customer in order to do their best work. Tattoo Artists tend to be perfectionists and YOU are their canvas AND their best advertisement. Besides, you don’t want them to rush through your tattoo, do you?
2) Do wear comfortable, loose fitting, appropriate clothing. Reckon about your tattoo placement and wear clothing that will easily allow access to that area. And remember that your tattoo session may take one or several hours, be cool and comfortable. And try to be very….still.
3) Do some advance research on your tattoo. A tattoo is a lifetime commitment, know what you want, or at least have a general thought of what you want before you go. Unless you are VERY free-spirited and a live-in-the-moment type person, impulse buying isn’t a excellent way to choose a tattoo. Your Tattoo Artist can help you explore and develop thoughts, but have some thought or direction.
4) Do research the shop. Know the precautions they are taking for YOUR safety and theirs. Sterile equipment and supplies should always be used for tattoos and piercings. Watch for unacceptable or unsafe conditions, such as the re-use of STERILE single-use needles or Artists who don’t wear gloves….and
5) Do question questions. Tattoo shops can be intimidating, but don’t be worried to speak up — it’s your body! Make sure you see them take the tattoo needles from a fresh sealed package. The Tattoo Artist will generally open this package directly in front of you prior to your sitting. Alert your Artist if you know you’re allergic to red ink, or Latex or any other condition he or she should be aware of.
6) Do keep things simple. This rule applies if this is your FIRST tattoo. Start small. Getting a tattoo is painful, especially on areas with a lot of nerve endings, and different people react differently to pain. The pain IS tolerable, but start with a smaller, simpler design to see how YOU handle the pain before you get that huge, intricate back piece! (You CAN do those LARGE pieces in multiple sittings.)
7) Do choose an appropriate location for your tattoo(s). Reckon twice about where you place tattoos (and piercings) on your body. I would never (nor will I ever) tell you what you should or should not do to YOUR body, BUT – There IS Body Modification Discrimination out there in the REAL world! Consider placing your tattoo or piercing in an area that can be covered by clothing worn in the work place.
8) Do question for recommendations. If you see someone with gorgeous, detailed tattoos compliment them and question where they were done, and WHO did them and find THAT Tattoo Artist. Tattoo Artists have ‘specialties’. There are experts in Tribal work, Fine-Line work, Lettering and Text, Portraits, etc. Question to see their Portfolios. Find YOUR expert.
9) Do take a shower. It’s not a excellent thought to go get a tattoo right after work. Be considerate, go home, and take a shower. Your Tattoo Artist will appreciate it (and possibly spend more time on the details of your new body art).
10) Do listen to your Tattoo Artist. Once your tattoo is completed, your Tattoo Artist will tell you the best way to take care of your tattoo. Don’t listen to your family, friends or neighbors…follow your Artist’s tattoo aftercare instructions.
11) Do TIP your Tattoo Artist! If you didn’t know that tipping a tattoo artist is customary, and expected, now you do! Many Tattoo Artists are not paid an hourly wage, they work for a percentage of the money you pay for your tattoo. OR, they are independent contractors who pay the owner rent and overhead. Either way, they depend on tips. Tip your Bartender, Tip your Waitress, Tip your Barber or Stylist and TIP YOUR TATTOO ARTIST! And if you receive exceptional service, show your appreciation by tipping exceptionally well!

Tattoo Museum in Staten Island New York

Dozer's tattoo museum depict eras in the history of tattooing - the Polynesian art of tatu from the 1700s, the Japanese way of telling a story in ink, and, above, the all-American tattoo artist from 1930s New York City inking a sailor in a white T-shirt and a sailor's cap. The museum - which had its grand opening yesterday - showcases his collection of tattoo machines and documents the history of tattooing. The museum is located on the corner of Hylan Boulevard and Old Town Road, Staten Island, New York.

Matt Gone Tattoos

Tattoo enthusiast Matt Gone estimated that 98 percent of his skin is covered in ink. "I never really knew how far I would ever go," he said. "And this is about as far as you can go." Now Gone has injected blue and green ink into both of his eyes by himself, a move that few have tried and doctors said went too far. "The risk of putting a needle near your eye is grave," said Dr. Douglas Meier, an ophthalmologist with the Portland Clinic. The doctor added that Gone is at risk for infection, which could lead to blindness or even cause him to lose his eyes. Gone said that he was well aware of the risks before performing the operation. "I patch tested it and was successful," he recalled. "I had to take the risk. I've done that a lot of times before. I'm not crazy. I'm trained. I have a lot of experience." Meier disagreed, saying that a nonprofessional could not safely pull of the inking. "Someone at home does not have access to the equipment, nor the expertise," Meier said. But Gone said the procedure turned out just fine, and he's glad that he did it. "I got lucky," he said. "But it's your risk, and I'm not going to help you. I did this for me. This is my project, my body." All of Gone's ink will be on full display this weekend in Portland, where he's attending a tattoo expo. Gone said that he's a very visual person. He said he picked a checkerboard pattern to be tattooed to his head, because it was something that he'd never seen done before. For his eyes, though, he wanted something more colorful. "I picked different colors," he explained. "Because I like mutations, because I have birth defects." Gone said those birth defects prevented some of the muscles in his body from developing properly and inspired him to get his first tattoo nearly 22 years ago. "The tattoos make me not hate my body, even though my body seems to be hating me," he said.

Actress Namitha in Designer Saree

Actress Namitha in Designer Saree
Actress Namitha in Designer Saree
South Indian Actress Namitha Kapoor poses in Designer Saree


The pleasure we obtain from music comes from counting, but counting unconsciously. Music is nothing but unconscious arithmetic.
~ Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz

Art is a collaboration between God and the artist, and the less the artist does the better.
~ Andr? Gide

Movies which set out to be 'commercial' usually have an artificial look about them-a certain waxlike quality. They allow for no failure, no moment of mistake.
~ Nicholas Roeg

After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.
~ Aldous Huxley, Music at Night and Other Essays

You're Invited to Paul Booth's Last Rites Tattoo Theatre Creep-In Day


Hummingbird and Flower Tattoo

Hummingbird and Flower Tattoo Pictures

Fantastic Wedding while Suspended

It is amazing to find people who are truly creative. Most people always wish to get married and have the wedding of their dreams, for some it comes a reality and for others is just something plain or "traditional". Some weddings cause controversy while others are just a snooze. Something we don't get to see too often is a couple suspended in the air while getting married and thats why this couple should be admired. They have courage and they also share the same taste when it comes to have fun. There is nothing better than to find your significant other but it is better when the couple share the same passion, lifestyle and taste. The important thing when a person wants to take the plunge is to marry not for the sake of it, a person also have to keep in mind finding the right person is more important than marrying someone who don't share the same point of view, etc. It is hard to believe people want to get attached when the other person is just a total stranger and that is a big mistake. Getting married is something amazing but not for everyone can be the same once they realized (after they finally get to know the person) that person don't share same interests.

Soccer Tattoo

25-year-old Colombian soccer fan Felipe Alvarez has been tattooed with a soccer jersey tattoo of Atletico Nacional team in honor of Andres Escobar, a Columbian soccer player who was killed in 1994. It is widely believed that he was murdered due to his own goal in the 1994 FIFA World Cup, which supposedly would have caused gambling losses to several powerful drug lords. In that game Columbia has lost 1:2 to the USA and was eliminated from the tournament in the first round.

Phuket Vegetarian Festival

A devotee pierces cheeks with swords on Oct. 11, 2010 during a procession of Phuket Vegetarian Festival in Phuket, Thailand. Acts of body piercings are means of shifting evil spirits from individuals onto themselves and bring the community good luck.

Goddess Durga Ma

Goddess Durga Ma
Goddess Durga Ma
Goddess Durga Ma
Photoshop art of Hindu Goddess Durga Ma. For Durga Mantras and its meanings visit "Durga Mantras"


Anyone who says you can't see a thought simply doesn't know art.
~ Wynetka Ann Reynolds

There is no formula for success. But there is a formula for failure and that is to try to please everybody.
~ Nicholas Ray

Painting is easy when you don't know how, but very difficult when you do.
~ Edgar Degas

I like the fact that in ancient Chinese art the great painters always included a deliberate flaw in their work: human creation is never perfect.
~ Author Unknown

Animated Dog Tattoos Design 2010

This tattoo image is still in demand by fans of the tattoo if you want to also make a tattoo like this?

Competition Time -Win $50 worth of Jubly-Umph Stuff

Lots of exciting stuff is happening at the moment. We are fully booked into markets right up till xmas, We have had lots of press coverage and loads of new designs in the works.

To celebrate a great year so far and to say 'thanks' to our lovely supporters we have decided to hold a little competition and it is all about spreading the love!

The prize is $50 worth of merchandise from our store. 

You can pick anything online or you can come along to one of our markets and choose anything up to the value of $50. You can choose more than one item to make up to the $50 eg 2 pairs of studs and a small pendant, or one large necklace, or 25 fake tattoos...you get the idea...

Here is how it works.

1. There is the potential to get hundreds of entries if you want. 

2. To get an entry into the competition you need to be a fan on facebook or our blog. That will automatically give you one entry. 

2. If you are a fan on both you will get one entry for each.

3. If you send your friends over and get them to write "(insert name here) sent me" on our facebook wall or on this blog post you get an entry and they get an entry. For example "tasha miller sent me' I would get one entry for each person.

4. If 30 people write  "tasha miller sent me' (but with your name of course) you would get 30 more entries.

5. The competition closes on Halloween- 31st of October at midnight. At which time I will either draw the winner or turn into a pumpkin(again)...Just kidding, I will draw a winner even if I am a pumpkin...

6. I will contact the winner and they can choose $50 worth of stock from the Jubly-Umph website or market stall

Its that easy!

Tattooed Lady Paper Doll

This is a sneak preview of our new paper doll. It was sent off to the printers today...
We should have these available for sale in about a week.

Hawaiian Tribal Tattoos, Designs and Ideas

BackFlower kanji Hawaiian Tribal Tattoos, Designs and IdeasTraditional Hawaiian Tribal Tattoos, Designs and IdeasNice Hawaiian Tribal Tattoos, Designs and IdeasBack Hawaiian Tribal Tattoos, Designs and IdeasArm Hawaiian Tribal Tattoos, Designs and IdeasHawaiian and tribal designs are certainly popular amongst the tattoo world. Tribal tattoos have always had a deeper meaning than just the decorations

Oh Hell No / Messed up Tattoo

From news source: A Northwest Side White Sox fan who had the White Sox logo accidentally tattooed backward on her thigh. Since then she has undergone extensive laser tattoo removal and will require a larger tattoo to cover the scarring from the treatments.

From me: It just frustrates me when I see someone with a messed up tattoo. Someone going for some Ink and ending up with a screwed up job is just a nightmare. One thing is having a customer being a pain in the ass (like the lady screaming like a maniac while starting to get tattooed in the video I'm sure the whole world has seen already) and a customer who complies with staying still and hoping for the best. It is hard to believe some Tattoo Parlors with a good reputation would allow someone with little experience would tattoo customers with any kind of discrete supervision (not to scare off customers). I know becoming one of the best in the field don't happen overnight but I think the artist should do their best day by day to improve their skills and not to just get stuck in a certain stage (like the beginner stage for example). It is bad for business to have an artist that usually does the same type of work on a daily basis and such artist not trying to explore more advanced techniques in order to grow in the field and evolve their skills. This woman got her tattoo done backwards and she has to deal with the traumatic experience of removing and modifiying what she inteded to do. Look closely at the Lettering and those flowers YUUUCK. I won't say the name of the business or artist who did that messed up work on her because I try to write good things about Body Art and (so far) the only way I can mention a name or a business name is if I have something good to say about them. People tend to be aware about doing research, BLAH BLAH BLAH, before getting Tattooed but still never do, and when something goes wrong then they scream, cry, bitch and moan about it.

The best season to get Tattooed

The best season to get Tattooed is Fall/Winter and the reasons are obvious. When people get tattooed they can be a little impatient and want to show it right away. Some of the mistakes people tend to do is to peel off the scabs when it's going thru the ugly stage (healing process) and that can actually mess up the whole thing and make you go back for some retouching. Meanwhile during Winter people are forced to keep it protected from the sun and environment in general. Those who live in areas where heat is all year round have to deal with how unconfortable feels to keep the area moist and covered during daytime. It is worth the sacrifice when you want to flaunt that awesome art you always wanted.

Getting Tattooed for a good cause

All this month you can get inked for a good cause. A tattoo artist is donating half the cost of all breast cancer-related tattoos to the American Cancer Society. Adrian Flores owns Addiction Tattoo and his mother is a breast cancer survivor.
"To me, she's always been my hero, you know? She's been strong enough for everything. She never missed work for a cold or the flu so to watch her be incapacitated like that was hard to go through," he said. His wife Aracely got inked with her fifth tattoo, a pink ribbon, on Wednesday. Adrian says dozens of cancer survivors have gotten tattoos over the years. "They've survived and they want something to show for it and everyone can see that, 'I did this and I'm still alive and I'm okay,'" Aracely said. Adrian wants to get the word out and make people more aware about breast cancer. So all month long, he'll collect money to give to ACS. His tattoo shop, Addiction Tattoo, is located at 1825 SW Military Drive. He'll be doing the tattoos himself, Wednesdays through Saturdays. You can call (210) 932-1500 for more information.

Lord Ganesha Dancing Photo

Lord Ganesha Dancing Photo
Lord Ganesha Dancing Photo
Lord Ganesha Dancing Photo, Lord Vinayaka, Lord Ganapati, Vinayagar Swamy, Ganeshji, Hindu God Ganesha


Music is love in search of a word.
~ Sidney Lanier

But that's what being an artist is - feeling crummy before everyone else feels crummy.
~ The New Yorker

Collaboration is like the sex of creativity.
~ Francis Ford Coppola

It is incontestable that music induces in us a sense of the infinite and the contemplation of the invisible.
~ Victor de LaPrade

Very few people possess true artistic ability. It is therefore both unseemly and unproductive to irritate the situation by making an effort. If you have a burning, restless urge to write or paint, simply eat something sweet and the feeling will pass.
~ Fran Lebowitz

Tabula Rasa Game Wallpaper

Tabula Rasa Game Wallpaper
Tabula Rasa Game Wallpaper
Tabula Rasa Game Wallpaper
Tabula Rasa Game Wallpaper


I didn't throw myself off my balcony only because I knew people would photograph me lying dead.
~ Brigitte Bardot on the pressures of her fame

Music is moonlight in the gloomy night of life.
~ Jean Paul Richter

Great art picks up where nature ends.
~ Marc Chagall

A team effort is a lot of people doing what I say.
~ Michael Winner

I don't paint things. I only paint the difference between things.
~ Henri Matisse

Full Sleeves Tattoos and what's so good about it


An elaborate arm tattoo or full sleeve tattoo can speak volumes for your strength of will and commitment. The art is not just being flaunted by a number of celebs around the globe today, but also by people of ages and across cultures. In fact, sleeve tattoo styles are the most popular types of arm tattoos known yet. The reason why they are referred to as sleeve tattoos is that they are so elaborate that many pass off for extensions of the apparel sleeves. The sleeve tattoo designs can be as elaborate or simple as you want them to be.

They function as more than just arm tattoos, they are part of an art that covers a whole area of a body part. The fact that these tattoo designs can be flaunted to cover the whole arm with little or no skin showing makes them unique. There are a number of online as well as offline resources that make the sleeve tattoo styles available in your own time. These resources also offer you a virtual experience prior to indulging in the real thing. The sleeve tattoo styles and designs are very intricate. They get more and more complicated as and when you keep adding to the integrated design.

Not only are they extremely colorful, but they can also be customized to flaunt several images, designs and patterns. It is not uncommon to find members of rock bands flaunting sleeve tattoo styles. Members of both genders show off the art on their arms as well as legs. There are a number of popular sleeve tattoo ideas floating around for those interested. You could take your pick from sleeve tattoos with cherry blossoms and samurai designs to floral and animal prints.

The art thrived in Asia in the ancient times and the showcasing now gives you the unique opportunity to bring that culture back to life. Women are known to flaunt many floral designs like flowers interwoven with tendrils and leaves in bright colors. Among the floral designs in sleeve tattoo styles preferred by men and women are the hibiscus and rose. The designs differ very subtly or not at all for feminine and masculine patrons.

Now, depending on personal preference, Celtic tattoos with their unique knots are making the rounds. Displaying the intricate and highly detailed knot work displays style and charisma. There are animal tattoos interwoven with the knot work in Celtic tattoos to give you the tribal tattoo feel. It pays to access guidelines like the use of heavy black lines for the outlines and vegetable based colored ink instead, to make your sleeve tattoo styles a little different.

The tattoos can be very complicated and expensive. The extent to which the art can be kept open for future add-on differs from one tattoo artist to another. Getting yourself a good sleeve tattoo is not a difficult task even if you have to go back to the tattoo shop frequently for other subsequent sessions. You can even avail of festive discounts given by tattoo parlors to get the art done on your arm or leg in a cost effective way.

Indian Model in Designer Bridal Jewellery

Indian Model in Designer Bridal Jewellery
Indian Model in Designer Bridal Jewellery
Indian Model in Designer Bridal Jewellery


I am never going to have anything more to do with politics or politicians. When this war is over I shall confine myself entirely to writing and painting.
~ Winston Churchill

Music is a friend of labor for it lightens the task by refreshing the nerves and spirit of the worker.
~ William Green

When my daughter was about seven years old, she asked me one day what I did at work. I told her I worked at the college - that my job was to teach people how to draw. She stared at me, incredulous, and said, "You mean they forget?"
~ Howard Ikemoto

Now I absolutely despise the murderer Werner Herzog. I tell him to his face that I want to see him perish like the llama he executed. He should be thrown to the crocodiles alive! An anaconda should throttle him slowly! The sting of a deadly spider should paralyze him! His brain should burst from the bite of the most poisonous of all snakes! Panthers shouldn't slit his throat open with their claws, that would be too good for him! No. Big red ants should piss in his eyes, eat his balls, penetrate his asshole, and eat his guts! He should get the plague! Syphilis! Malaria! Yellow fever! Leprosy! In vain. The more I wish the most horrible of deaths on him and treat him like the scum of the earth that he is, the less I can get rid of him!
~ Klaus Kinski - On The Importance Of Maintaining A Good Actor/Director Relationship

Actress Tara Sharma Biography Hairstyle Photo Gallery

Actress Tara Sharma Biography
Actress Tara Sharma Biography
Actress Tara Sharma Biography
Actress Tara Sharma Biography : Tara Sharma is every bit the straight laced dame she appears to be except when in front of the camera when her acting instincts take over.

Basics on Tara Sharma
Tara Sharma was born on 11th January 1977 to Pratap Sharma, an actor and writer. Her mother is Susan Sharma. Owing to her parentage, she is half-Indian and half-British.

Tara, who studied at the London School of Economics, is married to Rupak Saluja who produces ad films.

Tara Sharma’s Movies
Tara Sharma received recognition with Om Jai Jagadish (2002) which was directed by Anupam Kher, though the movie failed at the box office. She was cast with John Abraham in the supernatural movie Saaya (2003) which was an average success.

Her role in Madhur Bhanderkar’s Page 3 (2005) saw her as Gayetri, a struggling actress who is na├»ve and falls for the charms of a married actor. She was seen as Meghna in the comedy Khosla Ka Ghosla (2006) and in a song sequence in Heyy Babyy (2007).

She has an interesting line up of movies like Dulha Mil Gaya, The Whisperers, Mumbai Cutting and Amavas.

Source: chakpak.com

Tara Sharma Hairstyle Photo Gallery

Tara Sharma Hairstyle Photo Gallery
Tara Sharma Hairstyle Pictures
Tara Sharma black straight hairstyles
Tara Sharma Hairstyle Photo Gallery
Tara Sharma Hairstyle Pictures
Tara Sharma Hairstyle Photo Gallery
Tara Sharma Hairstyle Pictures
Tara Sharma Hairstyle Photo Gallery
Tara Sharma Hairstyle Pictures
Tara Sharma elegant Updo hairstyle
Tara Sharma Hairstyle Photo Gallery
Tara Sharma Hairstyle Pictures
Tara Sharma ponytail hairstyle
Tara Sharma Hairstyle Photo Gallery
Tara Sharma Hairstyle Pictures
Tara Sharma layered hairstyle
Tara Sharma Hairstyle Photo Gallery
Tara Sharma Hairstyle Pictures
Tara Sharma Hairstyle Photo Gallery
Tara Sharma Hairstyle Pictures
Tara Sharma black long straight hairstyle
Tara Sharma Hairstyle Photo Gallery
Tara Sharma Hairstyle Pictures
Tara Sharma Hairstyle Photo Gallery
Tara Sharma Hairstyle Pictures
Tara Sharma Hairstyle Photo Gallery
Tara Sharma Hairstyle Pictures
Tara Sharma Haircut Hairstyle Ideas for Girls
Tara Sharma Hairstyle Photo Gallery
Tara Sharma Hairstyle Pictures
Bollywood Actress Tara Sharma Hairstyle Gallery