Scorpion Tattoo Design

Most people do not really take zodiac signs seriously but there are those who do. Scorpion tattoo designs are quite common and popular among crowds. This is one of the best ways to express one’s personality and show certain characteristics. Zodiac tattoos such as this one go even further with expression.

The scorpion is the symbol of the zodiac Scorpio which is the astrological sign for people born between the 23rd of October and the 21st of November. Astrologers say that people born on this sign are determined, intuitive, passionate and powerful. On the flip side, they are also resentful, compulsive, secretive and obstinate.

People who bear the Scorpio zodiac sign tend to excel in leadership. Their sheer determination also makes failure an unacceptable outcome as well. Keeping secrets from them seems futile because of their intuition. They are also creative thinkers able to think outside the box. A scorpion’s sting is deadly and the same goes true with Scorpios.

It takes a lot for these people to get mad but when they do, they hit back pretty hard. Scorpios are also known to give everything when it comes to relationships. Getting a scorpion tattoo is a great way to tell people how you really are.Staunch believers of astrology would find it great news that they can articulate their belief with zodiac tattoos. Fortunately, there are plenty of tattoo artists who would willingly ink scorpion tattoo designs.

You will not run out of options with designs as well. Of course you may always ask a tattoo artist to create one for you or do it yourself. This tattoo design can be just about anything you want. It may bear slight realism or be more imaginative in its artistic presentation. It can be in any size and pose that you find best. The tattoo may be in black ink or with color added for a unique look.

Scorpion tattoo designs may be tattooed on any part of your body for both guys and girls. The most common places for this tattoo are the upper and forearms, the shoulders, chest, abdomen and back. Where it is placed is entirely up to you and will look great anywhere. If you are the type of person who likes excitement and danger, a scorpion tattoo would be a great choice for you.

With plenty of designs to choose from, you have all the freedom you need to express yourself. Scorpion tattoo designs are one of the best ways to express your individuality. Choose one that best reflects the true you to make it more of your own. Wear it proud and declare your boldness with this attention-grabbing piece. Just be sure that you can handle the attention that goes with it.