Roadtrips And Shoe Forms....

We did a road trip up to the Wintersun Nostalgia festival in Port Macquarie last week which was fun and exhausting in equal measures. It has been about 6 months worth of planning and 4 weeks of intensive jewellery making to get this together and then a 2 day drive up and back. 

The Friday and Saturday morning at the festival was wonderful and we met so many lovely people and sold lots of Jubly-Umph and Hellpixie goodies however the next day and a half was a complete washout. 

Unfortunately the festival management didn’t have any wet weather contingency plans so we were unable to trade on the Sunday and made an early start home.

I always spend a few days walking round in circles after a big trade event. It takes me that long to work out my routine again and find my creative space. Although I spent 2 days drawing I didn’t feel like I had come up with anything decent so I took this opportunity to clean off my desk and get out the wood burner.

I acquired a bag of old shoe forms which I have been meaning to wood burn for a while. This is the first one I attempted. The pics show various stages of work.

These shoe forms come from an old factory on Easy Street Collingwood. The factory closed in the 1950’s so that gives you an idea of the age. I only use the damaged or less than perfect shoe forms for wood burning as I hate the thought of potentially ‘destroying’ a  vintage/antique item.

The text reads ‘Through dark skies and blue, may you always sail true…’

Photos of the finished product will come soon as the lacquer coat dries...