Tattoo Tuesday- Animal Tattoos

It is hard not to love animal tattoos. Often they hold a special symbolism to the person tattooed and often general symbolism within society. These wonderful animal tattoos have been sent in by our wonderful twitter and facebook followers.

Andrea's Swallow Tattoo

 Kim's fox in a teacup tattoo
Tattooed by Brittany Gale from Black And Blue Tattoo

Sam's Elephant Tattoo
By  Josh Newman at Testament Tattoo
Cassia's Platypus Tattoo (In memory of her grandad)

Elisia's Flamingo Tattoo
By Deno at the Sydney Tattoo Expo 2011

Elisia's Elephant  Tattoo

 Elisia's Ladybug Tattoo

 Thank you so much to those that submitted their tattoos. Next week we are going to try something a little stay tuned...

PS. Please remember that all the photos featured in this blog belong to the person that submitted them. Many of the tattoos featured are custom designed and should NOT be copied!!!