Tattoo Tuesday- Nautical Tattoos...

The sea and its mysteries has long held fascination for tattooists and the tattooed. Modern tattoo culture largely began with sailors and often reflected their work and the superstitions surrounding it.

These wonderful nautical tattoos have been sent in by our lovely facebook and twitter followers.

Marissa's Mermaid tattoo
Tattooed by Leigh Hyland

Rae's Anchor and Wheel tattoo
Tattooed at Fox Body Art in Collingwood by Ryan
Kevins Tall Ship
Tattooed by Clarity
Kevin's Pig and Rooster
Tattooed by Clarity

Kevin's Sailors Grave Chest Piece
Tattooed by Clarity

Rowena's Nautical Tattoo

Fleur's Nautilus Tattoo

Donna and Christian's matching anchor tattoos

Christian's Tall Ship Tattoo

Christian's Diving Girl Tattoo 

Andrea's Pirate Ship Tattoo

Andrea's Pirate Tattoo 

 Andrea's Mermaid Tattoo

Thank you to everyone who sent in their pics. Next week will be animal themed tattoos...