Aldo Distefano's Five Tattoo Commandments

Aldo Distefano is a living art. With his body emblazoned completely with tattoos, the artist has been decorating people's bodies for more than a decade. As skin is his canvas, the American tattoo artist is excited about setting up shop and a learning school in the country.

He reveals that the reason why tattoos have always been such a rage is because mankind since the beginning has been obsessed with permanence. "Though tattoos are usually associated with biker boys and rebellion, our ancestors were also infatuated with body art. Be it cross, skull, wedding band or Chinese characters, tattoos have always been a way of expressing yourself. And even if you don't know what you want, you do want one (tattoo) on your body."

From celebs to your neighborhood hunk, tattoos have become the perfect style statement. But before you get into the chair, remember, "Your body is your temple, decorate it wisely."

Aldo's Five Commandments:

1)Hygiene factor: You don't want to get a tattoo done in doctor's cabin but make sure that the place is hygienic and the needles, equipment and gloves are sterilized.

2)Artist's Portfolio: You might get awed by the attractive designs on the tattoo parlor wall, but before you let the guy give you a permanent tattoo, make sure you know his style and his work experience.

3)Significance: It's going to be there for life, so make sure you don't get something you regret a few years down the line. Your current girlfriend/boyfriend's name might seem like the right thing now, but few years down the time, you might have to cover it up.

4)Diet: While you might think going their drunk might lessen the sensation- it's not a good idea as alcohol thins out the blood and you'll end up bleeding more. Better would be to carry a chocolate to give you instant energy.

5)Post tattoo care: Yeah, you are eager to see the tattoo in its full glory but give it at least two weeks time to heal. Put water based creams instead of petroleum (vaseline) products. And do not pick or scratch the scabs.

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