Andrei Kirilenko's Tattoo

It is hard to understand why people try to act like if they could choose a design for someone, in this case Andrei Kirilenko's Tattoo on his back. I believe his tattoo looks awesome and is a gret piece of artwork but some people think is tasteless, etc.

It is funny that people who don't have much knowledge of Body Art attempt to comment on it. I can't stand when people don't appreciate the detailing and skills involved in such great work. Sometimes those who enjoy giving a non requested opinion of tattoos say it looks great even though the artwork might not be finished cause they simply have no clue on what they're saying.

A while ago while I was at a Tattoo Parlor a few young ladies walked in and one of them wanted to get some Ink, then complained when they were told how much it will cost her. The awesome thing about this whole thing was that the artist told her "if she wanted a twenty five dollar Tattoo she should go to another shop down the road".

Sometimes people want quality and quantity but don't want to pay the right price or simply want to give a negative opinion of a Tattoo they simply can't afford. The Tattoo on Andrei Kirilenko looks awesome and yes it is detailed, quality can be observed and apreciated. Those who got nothing better to do or say about someone's work knowing that everything is on point can simply go screw themselves or simply find another hobbi. Stop talking non-sense and learn a little.

La Sumisa

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