Lion Tattoo Picture

Once upon a time there was a man who wanted the pictures lion tattoo on his back. He then went to the builders of the most powerful tattoos, and argued his point. He then chose a picture of a lion that looked very handsome. Then it started working carpenters tattoos. But soon after tasting some tattoo needle prick, that guy is moaning in pain,

"You want to kill me! Which part are you drawing? "
"I was working on the tail," replied the carpenter's tattoos.
"Then, just delete the tail. Let the pictures lion without a tail, "cried the man.

Then the carpenters tattoo it to work again. And again it can not stand the man feel the pain of a needle prick. He then screamed,
"Wadow, very sick. Which part are you picture this time? "
"This time," replied the carpenter tattoo, "was part lion's ear."
"Leave that part. Let my pictures lion's ear, "she said breathlessly.

So, carpenters tattoo was tried again carefully. But soon enough, after a needle piercing his skin, he was squirming again. "Now tell me, what parts are being made?"
"This is the lion's belly," said the craftsman tattoo was in despair.
"I do not want a lion with a belly!" Shouted the man.

With a nagging feeling craftsman tattoo stood for a moment, then discard the needle and shouting,
"A lion without a tail, without head, without a stomach?
Who can draw a lion like that?
In fact, not even God! "