St Kilda Cemetery...

I have lived in St Kilda almost all my life and have never visited the cemetery before.The St Kilda cemetery was established in 1855 and houses many notable Melbourne citizens…or what’s left of them.

I arrived at 4pm, which I admit was cutting it a bit fine as the cemetery closes at 4.30. I wandered around checking out dates and inscriptions. New and old graves seem to be mixed up higgledy piggeldy. I headed towards a Mary statue right next to the western fence. Every time I drive pass that wall all you can see is Mary peering over it, arms reaching out to drivers and pedestrians.

Here is a photo of a jaw bone that someone had placed upon a grave. I am not sure what it is…a dog? 

There were a few headless angels about the place…

 There was a really interesting cast iron grave marker which read: 

Erected by William Turner Russell
137 West Campbell St
To the memory of his son
William Turner Russell
Who died at Albert Hospital Melbourne
The result of an accident
25th of June 1885

I thought it a bit strange that he put his address on there…

I must admit I am always hopeful that I will get a ghostie pic when I take photos of graveyards and haunted places. I have a few interesting ones from Scotland but if you happen to see a ghostie in any of my pics make sure to let me know…

As I was leaving I ran into a man locking up for the night, he had to unlock the gate to let me out. He told me to stop by and collect a brochure of notable graves next time and also check out the tours which are run by the Friends Of St Kilda Cemetary. They have a timeline, tour information and history of the cemetery on their website Friends Of St Kilda Cemetary
I was intrigued to see in the timeline: 1873 Cemetery infested with snakes.
Also check out The St Kilda Cemetary Website